21:00 to 22:00 - June 20, 2021


MARJAN GEORGIEVSKI  is an actor, stand-up comedian and director who drinks his morning coffee until afternoon.
Do not touch me -is his morning blessing to the others.
He is a book buyer and hopes to read them all until the end of his life.
He drinks beer without appetizers, watches series, between a stupid movie and a deep sleep he always chooses the second.
He opens social networks - he curses / hates / he is sick of it.
He watches TV - he swears / hates / he is sick of it.
He likes to swear / hate  with other swearers in the company. This makes hings better.
In order not to be a self-proclaimed analyst of psychology, he studies psychology.
He intends to do psychotherapy based on swearing, hating and laughing.
He is determined to immunize himself from stupidity by reading good literature every day and believes that his body reacts with sarcasm when he meets supporters of primitivism.
He is the father of a minor and a participant in a marital status.
He moves on the board between fantasy, and reality bites it to the bone.
GOLD TOOTH COMEDY ROOM  is the place where we can be real, funny, hard core brutal, without mask, without disinfecting the truth.
Debate in the right way, only with comedians, people who have decided to see their lives through the visor of the bright side.
We are interested only in humor - the rest is painful and pathetic.


NEMANJA  ZIVANOVIC is a Serbian stand-up comedian, host and screenwriter with over 5 years of experience and more than 300 performances across the country and the region. Author of The Good Old Podcast.
In this unstable and stressful time of Covid 19, he will try to  entertain and relieve people, but also to encourage them to think.
Thoughts like:
Why am I watching this? :)
Couldn't I have a better time? :)
Who is this man anyway? :)
Okay, I mean it's funny but ... :)
Hahaha it's actually really funny :)
Mom, come and see, please :)
I am thirty years old and I have no privacy, and she acts as if I am not yet a person but a child who cannot make decisions for himself, interferes in my life to the extent that she forbids me and determines with whom I can and with whom I cannot be in a relationship, but, I don't think about laundry, it's always clean and sometimes we save on online stand up performances.





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