19:00 to 21:00 - October 31, 2021
С.Ц. Дуња, Рајко Жинзифов бр. 22 Get directions

"Fifty Faces of Fear" multimedia event that you must not miss on October 31, ie Halloween, in the Social Center Dunja (22 Rajko Zinzifov Street, opposite the Faculty of Civil Engineering) in Skopje.
The project includes "House of Fear", an exhibition of photographs, an acting performance and live statues organized and created by the Golden Elec Theater, Cosmic Vision, Teatrosk and the Golden Tooth production.

The idea was conceived after making 50 works that deal with the theme "Fear" - say the artists from Cosmic Vision - Voislav Pehcevski and Emilia Apostolska. Our goal is to offer something new on the art scene, to build on the classical and raise it to a higher and more modern level, thus creating alternative ways of creative expression and presentation. The collaboration with Nadica Petrova and David Ilic from the theater "Golden Elec" and Milena S. Cvetanovska and Vojo Cvetanovski from the Teatrosk Theater and Marija and Vladimir Kostovski from the Golden Tooth Production, as well as the upcoming international holiday "Halloween" led to the birth of the idea for the formation of this unique event.

The organizers invite those interested to be part of this extreme experience where they will witness the only "House of Fear" in our country and to meet famous horror characters such as Freddie Krueger, The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Lady of Evil, as and various zombies, witches, morbid clowns and many other surprises.
The photo exhibition will last for the next 2 days, November 1 and 2, from 17 to 22, with the opportunity to purchase your favorite photo. The event is for people 16 years of age and older, and is not recommended for people with a weak heart and people suffering from epileptic seizures. The event will be conducted according to all protocols of covid measures.




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